Ivy Chen, MPH

Sexuality Health Educator


Ivy Chen is a sexuality health educator, and has been working with Bay Area communities for the last 22 years. She teaches students ranging from the 4th grade through college age, as well as parent groups, community based organizations, teachers, and other health professionals. Topics covered in her workshops include puberty, healthy relationships, body image, peer and partner pressure, media influence, sexual decision making, AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, birth control, and increasing communication about sexuality within families. She tailors each presentation to the specific group served, and ensures that all materials are accurate and age-appropriate. She encourages participation and feedback from her audience. Overall, she strives to make learning important information about sensitive topics as accessible, comfortable and fun as possible.


May 2001

Master of Public Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley
Health and Social Behavior

May 1996

Bachelor of Arts
University of California, Berkeley
Integrative Biology, Minor in Women’s Studies

Work Experience


Sexuality Health Educator

September 2000-Present: Independent Contractor
June-September 2000: Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
November 1996-June 2000: Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, San Francisco

Conduct education and training for students, parents and professionals on sexuality topics, including puberty, birth control methods, STD’s, decision making, and parent-child communication. Implement needs assessment of different communities and populations. Plan, implement and evaluate outreach and educational programs. Develop sexuality health education curricula. Design survey instruments. Participate in grant development and management. Media spokesperson for sexuality health education on TV, radio, and newspaper. Participate in education department’s reorganization and strategic planning. Supervise interns and volunteers.

January 2002-Present

University Lecturer

January 2002-Present: San Francisco State University, Health Education Dept.
HED 320: Contemporary Sexuality

June 2002-Present: San Francisco State University,Psychology & Sexuality Studies Dept.
SXS 320/PSY 320: Sex and Relationships

July-December 2002: San Francisco State University, Biology Dept.
BIO 330: Human Sexuality

January 2005-May 2006: University of California, Berkeley, Integrative Biology Dept.
IB 140: Human Reproduction

Develop class content & requirements, prepare class syllabus, present lectures, facilitate class discussions, invite guest speakers when appropriate, moderate student panels, supervise undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants, compile class reader, create exams, assign grades, conduct office hours, attend department meetings when appropriate.


Medical Interpreter and Trainer
Asian Health Services – Language and Cultural Access Program, Oakland, CA

Develop healthcare interpreter training curriculum, including basic interpretation skills, healthcare system in the U.S., anatomy and physiology, cultural competence and brokering, code of ethics, and professional development. Conduct training for new medical interpreters.

Provide accurate and culturally sensitive medical interpretation in Cantonese. Sight
translation of medical and health education documents. Clarify cultural misunderstandings
and act as patient advocate. Facilitate focus groups on health-related topics, including
development of birth control pamphlets and feedback on Healthy Families program in
Cantonese and English.

August 2001-February 2002

Administrative Analyst / Specialist
San Francisco State University, Human Sexuality Studies Program

Manage grant budgets, develop and maintain timelines for various projects, assist in
managing students in Human Sexuality Masters program, develop and maintain filing and
management systems, prepare reports, submit forms including budget, reimbursement,
travel etc. to appropriate departments, supervise student assistants, coordinate planning
and training activities, plan events, develop and update literature describing human
sexuality studies program activities.


Presenter and Evaluator
Health Access, Oakland, CA

Recruit, present to and obtain consent from Cantonese monolingual patients to participate
in video medical interpretation clinical trials in Bay Area public hospitals. Administer
evaluations of video medical interpretation to Cantonese monolingual patients.


Science Editor
Girl Stuff: A Survival Guide to Growing Up by M. Blackstone and E. Guest

Read and edit book manuscript for scientific accuracy.


Course Coordinator
Ethical, Social, and Legal Issues in Health and Medicine
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Develop class content on diverse topics, including euthanasia, abortion, vivisection,
alternative therapies, AIDS, and reproductive technologies. Recruit and prepare weekly
expert speakers. Create course readers. Train and supervise 50 teaching assistants;
oversee 600 students per semester. Administrative duties: student enrollment, room and
equipment reservations, budget allocation, delegation of duties to teaching assistants,
management of program office.

Community Service


Advisory Board Member, Smart Choices: Reproductive Health Initiative
The Women’s Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Advocate for reproductive needs of women and girls, build a reproductive health and rights
policy agenda with recommended actions, convene with other reproductive health leaders
for dialogue and collaboration, make recommendations for funding grants.


Member, Asian and Pacific Islander Women’s HIV Prevention Advisory Board
Asian Health Services, Oakland, CA

Identify the needs of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) women facing issues of HIV/AIDS
and other STDs. Identify and share resources within the community that provide medical,
social, legal, and emotional support for API women and their families. Provide technical
assistance to groups working on HIV prevention for API women related to program
direction, implementation, and evaluation. Identify cultural issues pertaining to API women
and their families regarding HIV prevention. Set policy agenda to impact HIV prevention
activities, and address barriers preventing API women from accessing HIV prevention


Core Staff Member
Western Region Institute for Community Healthy Educators
Center for Health Training, Oakland, CA

Design and implement an intensive 5-day training for a group of 50 health educators from
throughout the western U.S., Guam and American Samoa. Create agenda and week-long
curriculum within the training team, while serving as trainer and facilitator for workshops
such as culture and diversity, components of sexuality, male involvement, and adult
learning theory. Manage group dynamics.


Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator
Birthways, Berkeley, CA

Direct clients to pregnancy, childbearing and lactation resources. Arrange meetings and
project schedules; record minutes. Recruit and train new volunteers; network with other
community based organizations. Staff office hours and maintain organization office.


Health and Sexuality Peer Educator
University of California, Berkeley – University Health Service

Clinic: Educate and counsel individual clients on women’s reproductive issues.
Outreach: Develop and present topics on health and sexuality to student groups.


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With Albert J. Angelo and John P. Elia. Readings in Contemporary Sexuality, 2nd Edition.
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Presentations (partial list)

Podcast Panelist on Sex Ed with D.B. Podcast, Seasons 1 & 2. Discussion about sexuality
health, sex ed, gender identity, and consent issues. 2017-2018.

“Sexuality Issues in Public Health”, UC Berkeley, Public Health 116 , twice a year,October
2006-March 2018.

“Growing Up Female Puberty Mother-Daughter Workshop”, Piedmont Girl Scouts Troop,
March 26, 2017.

“Launch Pad – Sexuality workshop for high school seniors transitioning to college”,
Piedmont, CA, March, 2017.

“Condoms, Safer Sex, and Sexually Transmitted Infections.” Head Royce School,
Oakland, CA, 7th-8th graders, January 2009-2017.

“How to Teach Large College Classes”, Wiley Learning Institute, Online Presentation,
San Francisco, October 16, 2012 , May 3, 2012 & December 20, 2013

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